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Monday, March 12th, 2012

Am now posting from Dartford in Kent.

Quite a bit has happened in the months between this and my last post. Will update soon, not safe here at the moment.

Anybody still here?



Please pick this up Anne

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Anne love – asked you to post on the website with my account, so hopefully you’ll pick this up.  Don’t forget to keep the screen brightness down and the wireless turned off – and only plug in the 3g adapter when you have to.

I’m going to be late I’m afraid love, please forgive me.  I’m currently writing from the back seat of the Focus.  Remember that car that crashed down the road?  Well it had a jerry can full of petrol in the boot.  There’s not many zombies about the road for some reason so I’ve been able to walk further down the street than we thought.

The houses are full of them – don’t know if they’re sheltering in there, or just people who’ve bene infected and returned.  Either way initial plan to grab food from neighbors is a no-go.