Wednesday, July 20th, 2011 at 2:17 am

Please pick this up Anne - Leopold Whitehead

Anne love – asked you to post on the website with my account, so hopefully you’ll pick this up.  Don’t forget to keep the screen brightness down and the wireless turned off – and only plug in the 3g adapter when you have to.

I’m going to be late I’m afraid love, please forgive me.  I’m currently writing from the back seat of the Focus.  Remember that car that crashed down the road?  Well it had a jerry can full of petrol in the boot.  There’s not many zombies about the road for some reason so I’ve been able to walk further down the street than we thought.

The houses are full of them – don’t know if they’re sheltering in there, or just people who’ve bene infected and returned.  Either way initial plan to grab food from neighbors is a no-go.

Emptied half of the can in to the Focus and set off to the village.  Bastards have scratched the paintwork and the windows up something rotten – but it’s going fine thank god.  Sorry if i’ve been weird the last few weeks – now I’m moving again I feel like my head is clearing.  Think I may have suffered from a little claustrophobia / cabin fever.  Didn’t mean to shout.

Been great to charge my phone off the car battery and get back online.  Will dig out the car AC adapter when i get home and try to charge the netbook.

Am currently just outside Toddington – it’s been slow going with all the breakdowns and bodies on the street – but should be able to get to the highstreet tommorow morning. 

Ran over a zombie earlier by accident.  Bounced off the front of the car like a ragdoll, just like in Grand Theft Auto.  I didn’t feel a thing when I did it – was that wrong?  Too many videogames my mum would say.

Will also pop to the library – any requests?  love you xxx