Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 at 6:43 am

Specimen URAEL - 295XI

Today the MoIR has published some details on URAEL, not as much as I had originally thought.  I’ve mentioned this before.  URAEL was found just less than two years ago, at site that I can only refer to as Site 13.  URAEL is a male who was found to be both infected and horrifically mutilated, but alive.  We took URAEL to one of our uncompromised labs for research, and to this day he survives.  The fungus that he is, or was, infected with doesn’t seem to affect him in the same way it does others.  I’m no expert on such things, but our researchers have been poking and prodding him to try to find out why, and what he may have in him that stopped him being affected.

Over the past 22 months he has been coming on leaps and bounds.  Surgery has been carried out, allowing him to walk and speak again.  In that time he has told us much about what happened to him, what he remembers, and of course, how he’s feels about all the poking and prodding!  His input, both verbal and medically, has been invaluable.  We are hoping to announce an anti-fungus in the near future, and we can hopefully start clearing up this mess.

URAEL has one thing to say: “I am alive, I am clean.  I hope you are too.”.
To all surviving readers, I say: Be strong, be illustrious, be mighty!