Thursday, June 6th, 2013 at 9:55 am

Sad news - 295XI

Following the announcement last Thursday the lab team has a very early form of anti-fungal that seems to work well in lab environments.  A team has spent the last week scouting some areas of interest, armed with tranquilliser style guns loaded with anti-fungal capsules.  Not far from a crossing near Westbury, mid-Wales, we found a train believed to be the same one that Fran, Beth, George, Don, and Andy had been inhabiting.

The train was out of fuel, several of the doors were missing or strewn around the ground, windows had been smashed.  Reports tell that the smell of rotting flesh was in the air.  After donning safety equipment the team embarked upon the train.  There was dried blood on many surfaces, and clumps of deadly spores clinging to most surfaces.
The drivers cab door was difficult to push open, however when it was pulled off the body of a male slumped into the vestibule.  Scratched and brused, this individual looked as if he has starved to death, rather than being subject to the infection.
Moving through the train the team found evidence that those who had inhabited this train had done so for some time.  There were personal items found amongst rubbish.  The unit that the team first jumped on was otherwise empty, they moved on to the next two cars.
These cars were in a worse state.  Dried blood, more spores, but also entrails, and bloodied hair.  Scratches along the walls showed that they had been carved there is such desperation that traces of fingernails and blood lined them.  Approaching the centre of the train there was a large pool of dried blood, along with bloodied towels.  The small toilet door was held open by a foot, but all that was attached was the lower part of a leg.  Moving onwards was the disabled toilet.  In the corner, next to the toilet, a female and a male held each other, grasped between them was a baby boy.  All were covered in spores, and a postmortem shows signs of the infection filling them, but not getting advanced enough to rupture; they were so starved, there was just not enough of them left.
A short distance away was the probable cause of the spores, another female, infected and exhausted slumped awkwardly between two chairs, obviously thrown back as the infection ruptured her abdomen.

Identifying the bodies is going to be near impossible, but our suspicions are that these are the bodies of those mentioned above.  May they rest in piece.