Monday, May 27th, 2013 at 6:30 am

Two years - 295XI

It’s been two years since the infection escaped.  Finally the MoIR has decided to publish some of the data it has. I don’t know where it will be published, but I’m hoping to summarise a few details here, just incase anyone is still listening.

Two years ago today a terrible infection escaped from a government laboratory outside Birmingham.  The infection was a modified varient of the parasitoidal fungus, Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, found in some ants.  The fungus usually causes ants to drop from their tree, climb up a plant and clamp on to a leaf, here the ant dies and the fungus consumes the ants body, later releasing its spores to infect more.  The modified varient has been engineered to infect people, the infected would then set about making sure they could survive for long enough for the fungus to take complete hold.  When the fungus is ready it makes the host run into a crowded area, pressure would build up in the hosts abdomen,  then rupture, sending spores throughout the crowd.
The report says that the fungus likely spread through water sources, then via its intended method – via people.
The fungus appears to be highly volatile.  Its symptoms differ in different areas.  It is mutating, evolving, at a tremendous rate.

Two days time marks two years since the start of this blog.  In two days time I would have been on this investigating for two years.  In two days time the MoIR hope to unveil results from specimen URAEL from site 13.  Any surviving readers of this blog may be particularly interested in reading it.