Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 at 2:51 pm

Starved Cold Dark - Leopold Whitehead

Anne here still… don’t know where Leo is…

Can’t be on the netbook long as the battery is being rationed.  Ever since the power went we’ve not had light or heat or anything.  33% left = 45 minutes.

I’m up in the attic with the stairs pulled up.  The ‘zombies’ have been milling about in the flat for over a week – they broke through the downstairs door and the upstairs one not long after the power went.  Leo had broken into next door and taken all the tins that were left behind and stashed them up in the roof.  When they finally came through our front door we went into the attic and pulled the stairs up after ourselves.  It locks from both sides, so no way to get to us now.

Leo bashed a hole in the top of the water tank so we’ve been able to drink, and an old bucket and the skylights have been our bathroom (disgusting).

Ran out of food day before yesterday.  Water fills your stomach but i’m very hungry.

Leo’s old fantasy books are up here and i’ve been making do with them.  Mostly awful but Robin Hobb kept me going for a couple of days.  Outright refused to read his comics – but will need to if i’m stuck up here for any longer!

It’s been quiet underneath us since last night, so Leo went out this morning to see if he could find us any other supplies.  Wouldn’t let me come with – and I didn’t want him to go.  He took a squash racquet and a replica ninja sword he bought off the internet, and a big fabric ikea bag to carry back the food. 

Have told him to bring back books too.

It’s getting late now – hope he comes back soon, it’s cold in the attic at night.  Three knocks on the hatch – am listening out for him.