Sunday, March 4th, 2012 at 1:14 pm

UPDATE - kieranfoster

We’re making an emergency outing to the Princess Royal hospital. Nobody has been down that direction yet so we’re not sure how bad it is.

Danny’s head aches got really bad late last night, midday today he collapsed on the floor and is going crazy, thrashing about and making weird noises and being sick and stuff. Mojo reckons he’s turning, but El says it’s something to do with his ears (like an infection or something) that’s screwed his balance. Either way, we’re heading out to grab a load of antibiotics to see if those help. It’s a fairly main road between here and there, no more than a 5 minute drive if we go at a good pace. However, it’s lined with a lot of trees and bushes and stuff. As it’s new territori we’re heading out in a larger group (safety in numbers and all). Tom and Nacho of course, Mojo, Bhanu, Jimbo, and myself. Tom and I on lookout.

We’re leaving Danny in El and Hannah’s care. He’s all wrapped up with plenty of water to drink to replace the fluids he’s lost.

Wish us luck.