Monday, August 8th, 2011 at 12:06 pm

Finally - George Lowry

It’s a cold, blustery day.  And it’s raining.  I’m sorry, I posted a week ago and haven’t posted since.

These past few weeks have been awful.  About a month ago I posted and said how we’d try and get off the Cambrian, well that didn’t go to well…
We ran out of fuel in one of the units, so we tried towing them back to Machynlleth.  We got to the depot and it was teaming with zombies, they were everywhere.  Poor Fran was in bits, she was sure she had glanced Henry in the mob.
Andy split off a unit and took it up to the bottom shed, luring the hellish creatures away while Don jumped out and attached the fuel hoses.
Everything went well, we  refuelled and coupled up with no problems.  So we set back off.

A few days later we had stopped just outside of Shrewsbury when the train was attacked by some zombies wielding weapons (sticks, pipes, stones, etc.).  Quickly, we locked out the back two cars and towed them along with us, hoping they’d jump out eventually.  We didn’t know where we were, we had little food left, there was one of more zombies locked in the back train, and we had finally found out why Fran was continually being sick.  She was pregnant.
Fran was devastated, Henry had always been on about having children one day, and here Fran was carrying his child.  Fran seems OK in herself, hopefully the baby will be OK.

So, we were in the middle of nowhere, we had little food.  I left for food.
As I passed I found the two zombies dead, or something in the back train, so we dumped the bodies off.
I found a farm and looted all I could, I had tractor and trailer to pull everything back.  But when I got back, the train had gone…There was blood along the side of the track, along with a rotten foot and some entrails.  Some sort of struggle had occurred.  The two zombie bodies had also gone…

So I spent the next few weeks on the tractor, then walking when I ran out of fuel.  I parked it near a railway line so we might pick it up later…

The past week I’ve been on the run from a small team of zombies, they seem to tire fairly quickly, but don’t need long to rest.  I think I’ve lost them for the time being, I’m in the loft of a deserted farm house, with a rifle loaded and ready to blast anything that comes my way…