Sunday, May 29th, 2011 at 10:28 pm

It’s finally here - Henry Fable

The “zombie fungus” has hit Aberystwyth.  The university ’emergency’ radio station announced about six hours ago.

We’ve been holding up well since the news hit.  We were luckily shopping in Morrisons so could do all the frantic shopping there and then.  We threw all the fresh stuff and concentrated on tins and long life food.

Our flat is on the ground floor up on North road, there is a basement flat with a courtyard directly outside out front window and at the back it drops down into the car park.  The only thing connecting our flat to the rest of the world is the basement that has no stairs, and a “bridge”.  We’ve spent the afternoon dismantling the last of that to cut ourselves off.

I’ll keep this updated as things unfold, it’s not really hit yet.  It’ll get worse I’m sure.