Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 at 11:50 pm

Radio Silence - Tom Jones

Well there’s some things that are good about living in the middle of the country side, and some massive things that’re bad.

Good – my zombie friend seems to have vanished. It’s as if he was never here. I wandered outside the day after with my rifle and he was nowhere to be seen. In hindsight, keeping all my tools in the shed wasn’t such a good idea as I had to venture outside to get to them.

That’s now remedied and everything is indoors (aside from zombie friend).

Bad – My internet has completely gone down, and judging by recent posts now that I finally have some form of communication, it’s not only here. I can only assume the main broadband line has been tampered with, as from an old job I know that there are a few main lines that service parts of the country. I’d guess that Wales has been hit at the very least, but there should be some areas of the country still with internet.

Hopefully some of them will find this site?


R.I.P Henry. You won’t be forgotten 🙁


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