Thursday, June 16th, 2011 at 9:42 pm

Hello from Birmingham - Jim Cambell

​Hi Henry, Leo and Tom. Thanks for letting me post on here. My name’s Jim, and I’m from Harborne, just a few miles from Birmingham City Centre. Things here are bad.

Really bad.

I’m holed up in The Harvester on the Hagley Road at the moment with a handful of others. I was here when the panic started. My house is only a mile away, so I kept thinking I’ll go when everyone else had left.

​That was the plan anyway. Outside, everywhere is just road blocked from abandoned cars and road wrecks from collisions There’s no chance I can drive back home. I’m just glad I had my smart phone on me.

​We’ve barricaded the doors with what we could, mainly heavy wooden tables and chairs. It seems to have done the trick for now, but I honestly don’t know how long it will hold up against all those…things….outside. (Are we using the Z word?)

​I know I’ll have to make a move sooner or later. My house is only a 40 minute walk away. It’s just so tempting to go for it.