Sunday, June 12th, 2011 at 8:39 pm

What’s happening out of Aber? - Henry Fable

So we thought we’d do two things: Go out and find more food, and venture out of Aber to see the extent of the damage.

We popped out earlier this morning, George, Don, Andy, and myself – leaving the two girls back in the flats.  We headed out past Morrisons which still looks a wreck, and out on to the A487.
The few villages out this way were deserted, you could see where looting had taken place.  We cautiously went in to a number of houses, taking any remains we could salvage.  We reckon that anyone who was here either left for a more remote location, or had been zombified and made their way into Aber…

We got as far as Llanrhystyd, but couldn’t go any further due to every junction being blocked by trees, they looked like they had been placed there rather than having fallen in the road.
We nabbed all we could from the pub and the post office, including a good deal on bog roll!  I reckon we collected enough for a two or three weeks now!

We’ve just got back, and we’re treating ourselves to some Lambrusco and tinned spag bol.